Protection Shields and Sneeze Guards for Service Counters and Cashier Stations

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Photos shown – Harmons City Creek, UT – Sneeze Guards and Protection Shields As seen on Fox13 News!

During these uncertain times with the coronavirus, Custom Store Fixtures LLC. along with our sister company, CSF Mill is currently manufacturing custom sneeze guards and protection shields. CSF protection shields and guards are custom made to order because we understand not one standard size fits all. Each product type is constructed of clear and sturdy Plexiglas material, easy to install, easy to sanitize and add a level of safety for your customers and associates.

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Custom Store Fixtures LLC. understands providing safety measures and well-being for all of your associates, their families and customers is imperative. Supporting local health officials’ rules and regulations and following government guidelines will help contain the virus and is everyone’s top priority.

Our clear protective shields are perfect for cashier stations, deli, pharmacy, customer service, and fuel checkout counters and stations. The invisible sneeze guards or protection shields allow your associates and technicians to clearly see and speak with customers to maintain a high-level customer service experience. Installation is generally complete in under 30 minutes per each station. Sanitation recommendations should follow your company sanitation protocol and or recommendations from your state health department or the CDC. To avoid scratches, no abrasive cleaners should be used.

Custom Store Fixtures staff are tirelessly working to help meet your needs. Call us at 801-392-0525 or complete our contact sneezeguard form below and a member of our team will contact you during regular business hours or upon the order received. We look forward to working with you.

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